COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – In his remarks to voters in the state where President Obama delivered his 2008 convention speech, Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday morning pre-butted the president and vice president’s addresses this evening by making a pointed jab at Democrats regarding their omission, and subsequent addition, of a reference to God in their party platform this year.

“The president is going to be in Charlotte tonight for the Democratic convention,” Ryan told a large crowd of supporters gathered inside a hangar at WestPac Restorations, an aviation company. “Their convention actually began with a tribute to big government. They actually said government is the only thing we all belong to.”

The last point was a reference to a line from a video that aired at the Democratic convention in Charlotte this week.

“Then they cut references to God out of the platform,” he continued, to loud boos from the crowd. “They reversed course on that one yesterday. It wasn’t really a popular reversal, if you watched it on TV. But to quote a prominent journalist from Wisconsin, they were against God before they were for him.”

"Apparently, Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan think they can run a substantive campaign completely devoid of substance, but the American people deserve better," said Obama spokesman Danny Kanner, responding to Ryan's remarks in Colorado Springs. 

The mention was a reference by Ryan to Politico’s Jim VandeHei, who made the quip in an appearance on MSNBC early Thursday.

The Democrats on Wednesday reinstated  "a line from the 2008 platform embracing “God-given potential,” reflecting Republican criticism that the platform ignored faith in God," the Post's Scott Wilson reported.