While Joe Biden was delivering his acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention in Charlotte Thursday night, on the other side of the country, the vice president was at the receiving end of a joke by former California governor Pete Wilson.

Speaking at a Romney campaign fundraiser headlined by GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Wilson told a crowd at the Montage Beverley Hills that it's "just not fair" that Biden and Ryan will be facing off on the debate stage next month.

"We all believe in fairness, and there’s one problem," Wilson said. "Paul is going to be debating Joe Biden. And friends, that's just not fair. That's not a fair fight. You've got an aging lightweight against a youthful heavyweight."

He added: "God? Sometimes, I think he must be a Republican. He gave us Joe Biden, who is good for at least one gaffe a day. How would you like to be his keeper? You'd need a year's worth of Valium."