Say the name of the city around Democrats in Charlotte this week and they know exactly what you mean. An historic moment – a big crowd in a big football stadium who heard from the first African-American man nominated to run for president.

Many Democrats who traveled to Charlotte, regardless of whether they had a ticket to any of the speeches, caucus meetings or parties, wanted to experience “Denver” again.

“I was in Denver – I experienced it in Denver,” said Wellyn Collins. “I was in the stadium in Denver. And I wanted to have that same experience this time.”

With tears in her eyes, Collins recalled: “It was electrifying, being people who think like me, who were acting like me, just hearing him speak,” she said. “Hearing our first African-American president and speak and talk about the subjects that I was interested in and what I wanted for my children and grandchildren.”

“I think it can happen again,” she added. “We’ve come a long way. We have a responsibility to follow up on our past.”

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