Planned Parenthood is launching its largest single ad buy ever, a $3.2 million campaign against Mitt Romney in Ohio and Virginia through the political arm Planned Parenthood Votes. The first ad starts airing Monday, a $1.85 million buy of five weeks of cable television in the Northern Virginia market.

 The Virginia ad, called “Turn Back the Clock," declares that "we should be making our personal medical decisions, not Mitt Romney."

Both Obama's campaign and Planned Parenthood have repeatedly attacked Romney for saying he would withdraw the organization's federal funding, seeking to widen the gap the president enjoys with women voters. 

While in the ad Romney says he would "get rid" of Planned Parenthood -- a clip from a KDSK interview -- in context he was clearly talking about cutting off federal funding, not destroying the organization. Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg called the spot "another misleading ad by the President’s allies in an attempt to cover up for four years of failure." 

At last week's Democratic convention, numerous speakers warned that women could lose their reproductive rights under a Romney presidency. One woman described the “severe pelvic and abdominal pain” that led her to a Planned Parenthood clinic 12 years ago — a decision she says ensured she would be able to give birth to her daughter.