OWENSVILLE, Ohio – At a southwest Ohio rally Wednesday evening, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan delivered sharper criticism of President Obama in the wake of the attacks in Libya and Egypt than he had at a town hall in Wisconsin earlier in the day.

Speaking at the Clermont County Fairgrounds, Ryan echoed GOP  presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s charge that the Obama administration had sent mixed messages in response to Tuesday’s attacks on the U.S. diplomatic missions in Benghazi, Libya, and Cairo, Egypt.

In a broader swipe at Obama’s foreign policy record, he told the crowd: “This administration’s policies project weakness abroad.”

In the nearly 24 hours since Romney issued a statement condemning Obama’s response to the attacks, the Republican presidential nominee has come under sharp criticism, including from some inside the GOP, who have argued that he acted too swiftly to politicize the incidents. Ryan pushed back against such criticism Wednesday, telling the Ohio crowd: “It is never too early for Americans to defend attacks and defend our values.”

Ryan’s mother and wife joined him at the event, which will be his last campaign rally before heading back to Washington on Thursday to vote on a government funding resolution.

Among those introducing Ryan were Jane Dudley Portman, the wife of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), whose rosy view of his state’s economy has often been at odds with the messaging of the GOP ticket. Kasich renewed his focus on Ohio’s economic recovery on Wednesday, telling the fairgrounds crowd: “Ohio’s on the comeback now!” He also called Ryan “the Paul Revere of the next generation.”