Romney supporters escorted out of the candidate's Jacksonville headquarters, peer through windows as aides scramble to set up a press conference. (Philip Rucker via Instagram)

Romney's victory event at his Jacksonville, Fla., has been pushed back; he will first hold a press conference at 10:15 a.m. Crowds of supporters have been escorted out of the building to make room for reporters. 

Thirty minutes ago, roughly 150 supporters had gathered in the Romney Victory office in a Jacksonville strip mall prepared for a small rally. Volunteers sat at phone bank tables, supporters were holding campaign signs, shiny patriotic bunting lined the walls, and there were two cardboard life-size cut-outs of Romney in the back of the room.

Within minutes, the room was transformed for a formal press conference. Aides collected signs from supporters, saying no signs were allowed at the event, and erected a blue curtain backdrop covering up the patriotic bunting and campaign signs. They stood up two American flags and a wooden podium and escorted all supporters out of the room, setting up folding chairs for reporters.

As of Wednesday morning, the White House indicated that beyond President Obama's remarks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Rose Garden, his schedule wouldn't change, with campaign appearances in Las Vegas Wednesday evening and in Golden, Colo., Thursday morning proceeding as planned.