As Mitt Romney ratcheted down some of his criticism of President Obama's handling of protests in the Middle East, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.), a former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was ratcheting it up, calling Obama  "the most dangerous president we have ever had on American foreign policy."

In a red-meat speech for a cheering audience of conservatives gathered in Washington Friday morning for the Values Voter summit, Bachmann blamed Obama directly for the spread of protests sparked by a controversial video that mocks the prophet Muhammad. "What we’re watching develop before our eyes today are the direct consequences of this administration’s policy of apology and appeasement across the globe and the supposed success of the president’s foreign policy genius, hailed by the media even last week, now exposed for what it really is."

She echoed several other Republican leaders in the past few days who have likened Obama's handling of the protests to Jimmy Carter response to the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.

"As we survey the political landscape today, it feels like it’s déjà vu all over again because we’re seeing struggles all across the Middle East and we’re seeing a tax on our embassies in a way that we saw in the late 1970s. Staggering unemployment. High gas prices. A struggling economy. You’d almost think Jimmy Carter’s back in the White House again, wouldn’t you?"

Bachmann suggested the United States consider suspending foreign aid to Egypt as well.

"We need to tell the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government in Egypt, if you continue to inflame sentiments against the United States, we will immediately put an end to the United States taxpayer gravy train that we’re sending your way – (cheers, applause) –starting with the $1.5 billion we send Egypt in aid and the $1 billion in loan forgiveness program and the $5 billion International Monetary Fund loan program that we’re backing."