When politicians do daytime TV, things happen. Ann and Mitt Romney taped their first daytime TV interview of the cycle today with  ABC's "Live! with Kelly and Michael."

Ann revealed to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan that she once walked in on George W. Bush getting a massage in the White House; Mitt revealed that Ann hogs the blankets and squeezes toothpaste the wrong way.

Asked to choose between Honey Boo Boo and Snooki, Romney responded, "I'm kind of a Snooki fan. Look how tiny's she's gotten. She's lost weight. She's energetic. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun."

And when asked what he wears to bed, Romney responded, "I hear the best answer is as little as possible."

More from the pool report is below the jump; the episode airs next Tuesday. The full transcript of the interview is here.