Ed Gillespie, an adviser to Mitt Romney, said on a Monday morning conference call that the campaign will be talking in more specific terms about its policy proposals. He didn't face any direct questions about the Sunday Politico story detailing campaign turmoil, but the story still loomed over the call. The Fix: 

“We do think the timing is right to reinforce more specifics about the Romney plan for a strong middle class,” said Gillespie, calling the move “more of a natural progression” than any re-tooling of the campaign.

While Gillespie didn’t face any direct questions about the Politico story, the piece loomed over the call; at the start of the call, Gillespie touted the party’s strong convention — in a seeming direct response to the allegations made in the Politico story that it had been a comedy of errors. (“What’s a big deal is they are behind and blew the convention,” said one senior Republican operative granted anonymity to speak candidly about the Romney effort.)

A new Romney ad released Monday hints at how the campaign will aim for more specificity (Romney directly addresses trade, small businesses, and the budget in the 30-second spot).