Sunday night's story in Politico centering on top Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens and the campaign disorganization in the lead up to Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention is not the way the GOP presidential candidate wanted to kick off the week.

The net effect of the story on the campaign will become clearer in the coming days and weeks. The Fix talked to some unaligned Republicans, who felt the story could cause Romney headaches among the chattering class but likely wouldn't shake up the race on a wider scale:

“Public backstabbing with two months to go is shameful,” said Curt Anderson, a Republican media consultant who worked on Romney’s 2008 campaign but is not involved this time. “I checked my calendar to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep and awakened a month later. Usually this kind of stuff comes out in late October.”
Anderson, as well as several other unaligned Republican strategists The Fix spoke with late Sunday, insisted however that no matter the negative publicity the Politico story will generate among the political chattering class, it would likely do little to alter the overall dynamic of the race.