Yet another poll confirms: Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) has bounced back.

WBUR in Boston finds Warren ahead of Republican incumbent Scott Brown 45 percent to 40 percent, just outside the margin of error. Three polls released earlier this week -- from Suffolk University, Western New England University, and Public Policy Polling -- gave her the edge. 

According to WBUR, voters increasingly believe that Warren “will stand up for regular people when in the Senate" and “understands the needs of middle-class families.” While Brown wins independents by 14 points and 15 percent of Democrats are willing to vote for him, that isn't enough to erase Warren's advantage in the overwhelmingly Democratic state. His support among President Obama voters is weakening as they coalesce behind Warren. 

There was no public live-caller polling in this race between late July and the end of the Democratic National Convention, so we don't know how much of Warren's new lead can be attributed to the event and her speech. But she's certainly doing better post-Charlotte.