In an interview with KNRV in Reno, Nev. on Tuesday, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan argued that while Mitt Romney was "obviously inarticulate" at a Florida fundraiser earlier this year, the point he made was sound. 

“He was obviously inarticulate in making this point, and the point we’re trying to make here is, under the Obama economy, government dependency is up and economic stagnation is up, and what we’re trying to achieve is getting people off of government dependency and back to a job that pays well that gets them on the path of prosperity," Ryan said of the leaked video, in which Romney argued that 47 percent of Americans are dependent on government and thus cannot be won over by the GOP ticket.

"Oh, I think he would have said it differently, that's for sure, but the point still stands," Ryan said. "We have too many people becoming too dependent on government because of the poor economic policies of the Obama administration." 

Romney himself said the day the video was publicized that his remarks on Obama voters were "not elegantly stated."