UPDATE: Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams clarifies that he was only referring to one Mother Jones clip as "debunked and selectively edited," not the entire leaked fundraiser video published by the liberal magazine.  

In a memo Wednesday afternoon, Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said that the leaked video of the GOP nominee's remarks at a May fundraiser on the Middle East peace process was "selectively edited" and has been "debunked." 

Most media attention has focused on Romney's description of those who don't pay income tax. Williams's memo highlights the candidate's remarks on the Middle East peace process.

Williams was referring to the fact that Mother Jones initially published only clips of Romney's remarks, in which Mitt Romney spoke freely about his political strategy and policy positions. The full video is now online, although one or two minutes of the event were not recorded

In a clip posted by Mother Jones Monday, Romney said that "there's just no way" now to move negotiations with Palestinians and Israelis forward and that the issue will likely remain "an unsolved problem." Obama's campaign has used those comments to argue that Romney will abandon the peace process, and news organizations wrote that Romney saw no chance of peace. 

But in a segment not included in that clip, Romney added that, with "American resolve," Palestinians will "some day reach the point where they want peace more than we’re trying to force peace on them. Then it’s worth having the discussion." As Politico's Dylan Byers wrote, Romney was thus saying that peace is a possibility.