Amid squabbling in the Senate over a six-month spending bill, Sen. Scott Brown (D-Mass.) suggested to the Boston Globe Thursday afternoon that he might miss his debate Thursday night with Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren if Democrats scheduled votes later Thursday.

“Bottom line is, the people have sent me down here to do my job — and that’s to vote,” Brown told the Globe.

Democratic aides balked — and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) appeared on the Senate floor soon after to announce that he was scrapping votes for the night.

“We have no more votes today,” he said. “No more votes today. It’s obvious to me what’s going on. I’ve been to a few of these rodeos. It is obvious there is a big stall taking place. One of the senators who had a debate tonight doesn’t want to debate. Well, he can’t use the Senate as an excuse. There will be no more votes today.”

Debate organizers said the evening’s proceedings would continue as scheduled, and Brown was en route to Boston.

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