Tim Kaine (D) said he might be in favor of “some minimum tax level for everyone" as he squared off against George Allen (R)  in their first televised debate Thursday in Virginia’s Senate race.

In comments to reporters after the debate, Kaine noted that he had not actually proposed a minimum income tax. Kaine said he’d only agreed to consider such a tax when asked about it because, as someone running as a bipartisan deal-maker, he’s open to lots of ideas.

“You don’t start with the non-negotiables and the pledges,” Kaine said. "I don’t think [the tax comment] should be that newsworthy.”

After the debate, Allen called Kaine’s openness to a minimum tax fitting for a man who he said raised taxes on people buying used cars and making “as little as 17,000 a year.”

“I don’t think everyone ought to be paying income taxes,” Allen said, noting that low-income workers are already paying sales, payroll and gas taxes.

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