There have been a few subtle differences in Paul Ryan's campaign routine in recent days. He's started holding more town halls. He's introduced PowerPoint presentations into his events. And now, he's completely separated from the reporters on board his campaign plane, thanks to a new curtain.

That was then: Paul Ryan offers cookies to reporters on his campaign plane in this Instagram photo taken by Felicia Sonmez on Aug. 22.

For the first few weeks of the campaign, when Ryan was flying on an unbranded charter jet, no curtain separated him from his traveling press. Then, once he got a new plane bearing the Romney-Ryan logo just after the GOP convention in Tampa, a simple blue curtain that stretched across the aisle gave him a little privacy from reporters.

The latest curtain -- which is actually three curtains that extend all the way from one end of the cabin to the other -- made its debut on the candidate's jet Monday morning. With the vice-presidential debate a little over two weeks away, it's likely Ryan will be spending more time preparing and studying up on briefing books while on the go. He's held three prep sessions so far with Ted Olson, the former U.S. solicitor general who is playing the part of Vice President Biden in the mock debates.

A Ryan spokesman declined to comment on the reason for the switch.

"There are big issues in this election," said spokesman Michael Steel.