A few hours after Mitt Romney appeared at the global charitable gathering hosted by former President Bill Clinton to explain how the United States can better promote prosperity and human rights abroad, it was President Obama's turn to do the same. Obama gave an impassioned speech against human trafficking, noting that some girls sold off by poor families are no older than his two daughters.

“I’ve made it clear that the United States will be a leader in this global movement” against trafficking, Obama said, adding that his administration is helping other countries meet international goals designed to reduce trafficking and to call out those not trying hard enough to do so. “Nations must speak with one voice - that our people and our children are not for sale,” Obama said.

He noted that there is too much human trafficking in the United States, mostly within immigrant communities more vulnerable at times because of their undocumented status and poverty. He said he has stepped up efforts within the country to confront the crime.

“We cannot ask other nations to do what we are not doing ourselves,” he said, adding that he intends a number of steps to “go after traffickers,” including better work with outside investigators, coordination with transportation companies, and other measures"