Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan maintained that there’s “palpable” enthusiasm for the GOP ticket on the campaign trail, even as recent polls show President Obama opening up a lead in several battleground states.

“It is palpable. The crowds, the enthusiasm. ... Here’s the deal. The president cannot run on his record. It’s a terrible record. So all he’s trying to do is trash us,” Ryan said on conservative host Sean Hannity’s radio show.

He added: “I have never seen this kind of enthusiasm.”

Ryan, who joined Mitt Romney for a joint rally in Ohio on Tuesday, was spending Wednesday holding solo campaign events in the battleground state of Colorado.

He called President Obama a candidate who is “far to the left of mainstream” and told Hannity, “Think of what he’d do if he’s uninhibited, if he never has to face voters again.”

Asked about the attack this month on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, Ryan said that such incidents are “a symptom of the bigger problem of a failed foreign policy.”

“I think the president’s problem is with his own people, not with us,” Ryan said, referring to the question of whether or not the Libya attack should be defined as an act of terrorism.

He added: “We’re projecting weakness overseas, and when America projects weakness, these things happen.”