In an interview with CBS News' Jan Crawford, Mitt Romney suggested that some reporters are biased in favor of President Obama but that he doesn't worry about it either way.

Asked if the media is "in the tank" for Obama, Romney replied: "Well, I think we have a system of free press -- people are able to provide their own perspective based on their own beliefs. I think there's some people who are more in my camp, there's a lot of people who are more in his camp, and I don't worry about that." Romney didn't respond directly when asked if he was getting a "fair shake," but he suggested he could still get his message out.  

"I don't think anybody in my business thinks they wouldn't like to rewrite the stories and write the media accounts in a way that's more favorable to them, but I don't worry about that," he said. "I take my message out. I know I'll have a chance through ads, through the debates, to get my message home to the American people."

A recent Pew survey found that 60 percent of Republicans think the press is "too easy" on Obama. Some Republicans have also claimed that the media is skewing polls to give Obama the lead. And some Romney advisers apparently have privately turned on the press