Mitt Romney, with his trim, athletic figure, tries to eat healthy and says he wants to improve the health of Americans, principally by getting rid of “Obamacare.’’

That goal apparently does not apply to his traveling press corps.

Toting two oversized McDonald’s bags, the Republican presidential nominee walked to the back of his campaign plane Wednesday afternoon and transformed himself into a traveling hamburger salesman. “Quarter pounder? Fries? Chicken sandwich?”’ the smiling Romney called out as he distributed the goodies to those reporters brave enough to indulge.

No one had to ask where the beef was. Pointing out that he had just consumed “two hamburgers, just the regular hamburgers,’’ Romney told one scribe: “Oh, you have chicken? Want a quarter pounder instead?”

“Anyone else? Quarter pounder? Come on!’’ he said, smiling gamely.

One reporter tried to change the subject back to Romney’s major foreign policy speech, which he had just given at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. “Governor, can you tell us any more about Libya and your plans?’’ she asked.

Romney never turned around. But he did return a few minutes later to distribute one last order of fries.