BourbonSteak in the Four Seasons Hotel. (DOMINIC BRACCO II/Washington Post)

At a fundraiser Sunday, President Obama said he was reminded of what really matters by the waiter who served him and his wife dinner the night before. 

“He brought us all our stuff, and he was patient with us as we were dawdling over the menu,” the president said. “But at the end of the dinner — it was very professional, very unobtrusive — but at the end of the dinner he just said, ‘I wanted to just say how much I appreciate you because you saved my mother's life.’ ” The waiter explained his mother had a stroke but did not yet qualify for Medicare; the Affordable Care Act allowed the family to get coverage for his mother’s medicines and treatment. “It reminded me of why we do this,” Obama told donors.

Reliable Source notes that the restaurant, BourbonSteak, tried to keep Obama's visit under wraps, and that the waiter is not speaking to the press.