Since last week’s debate, which many Democrats and Republicans have said Mitt Romney won handily, Republican "Victory Offices" have seen a 63 percent increase in volunteers around the country, according to a memo issued Tuesday morning by the Republican National Committee's political director, Rick Wiley.

Wiley said the surge adds to the momentum of last weekend's "Super Saturday" organizing effort, in which more than 30,000 volunteers participated and made 2.5 million volunteer voter contacts, bringing the week’s total to 5 million contacts.

"Enthusiasm is on our side," Wiley said in his memo, which boasted about the vitality and scope of the Republican ground game with four weeks left in the campaign. He also said that the Republican early voting operation was "robust and in full gear."

All told, 98,000 volunteers have made more than 35 million voter contacts, including 6.5 million door knocks, since spring, Wile said. "Volunteers have made four times more phone calls and knocked on thirteen times more doors than at this point in the 2008 campaign," he wrote. 

 "Starting this past weekend, the RNC began deploying busloads of volunteers to Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Nevada to make phone calls and knock on doors," he added.