Ann Romney, who has emerged as a key adviser for her husband's race for the White House, traded her role on the campaign trail Wednesday morning, sharing the couch with the hosts of "Good Morning America."

The first topic? "Dancing with the Stars" of course! Last night there was a dreaded double elimination and Romney wanted to know how Drew liked his scoring on the cha-cha. He didn't. And who he is rooting for now? (Kevin and Cheryl).

Romney then went outside to talk to equestrian Rebecca Hart, who competes in dressage in the Paralympics. Hart rides with familial spastic paraplegia, a degenerative and genetic condition that causes muscle wasting and paralysis. She and Romney, who started training horses after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, discussed the restorative power of riding. 

"The horses are a gift from God," Romney said, kissing Hart's horse on the nose. "They are partners in our life journey."

A rotating cast of guest hosts are filling in for Robin Roberts who is recovering from treatment for a bone marrow and blood disease. Michelle Obama might also guest host. 

During an appearance at a town hall meeting in Mount Vernon, Ohio later Wednesday, Mitt Romney said he enjoyed watching his wife co-host the program "during the 8 to 9 o'clock time hour."

But in between her segments, he said he watched the myriad of political ads airing on Ohio airwaves.

"It is a good thing I don’t do that very often because my blood pressure would be very high," Romney told the crowd. "I saw these things and I said 'I don’t believe that. That’s not me. I don’t believe that.' And yet people here in Ohio are getting bombarded with things that simply aren’t true and so the debates are a good opportunity to break through that."

Ed O'Keefe contributed to this post.