(Michael Reynolds/AP)

Wasn't this one different — and better — than the first round? I certainly thought so. The moderator was excellent, and so, in their very different ways, were the candidates.

The first talking heads seemed to agree that Congressman Ryan and Vice President Biden both fulfilled their missions, and for a change, I agreed with the talking heads.

Biden offered the passion and the argumentation that Democrats so missed from their president last week. Ryan, by appearing plausible as a future president and apparently knowledgeable on a wide range of issues, reassured Republicans that Governor Romney had made a good choice for veep.

Neither man goofed, though I'm sure Joe Biden's many grins and guffaws will be criticized by some. So will Ryan's not-always-sure-footed attempts to reduce the complex situations in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan to a rather simple formula. Is President Obama's foreign policy really "unraveling?"

At noon tomorrow, I'll be discussing the debate, and I hope we will have lots of comments from readers on these and other aspects of the debate. What did you think of Ryan on foreign policy? What did you make of Biden's reactions to Ryan? Did Biden make good use of Romney's 47 percent remarks? Did Ryan fudge on defense spending, which Romney has promised to significantly increase? What about the tax argument — who got the best of that? Was Ryan effective when he promised "bipartisan solutions" to the question of what tax breaks and loopholes should be changed? Or was he just avoiding being specific?

We'll have a chat lasting about an hour. Add your questions here or in the comments below. Hope you can join us.