RICHMOND, Va. — Voters at Mitt Romney's Richmond rally appeared to agree with the Republican candidates' disparaging assessment of Vice President Biden’s performance. But not everyone was prepared to vote for the Republican ticket.

Norman Ledgerwood, 65, of Midlothian, Va., called Biden’s performance “a
little bearish, maybe a little bit aggressive.”

“I think Paul Ryan took the high road and was less aggressive, knew his facts, but didn’t push him,” Ledgerwood said. “I liked the one comment in particular about when people say things that come out the wrong way and that Ryan said that ‘I think Vice President Biden can appreciate that sometimes.’ ”

Others in the crowd also gave Biden poor marks.

“I think Biden acted real stupid,” said Joyce Johnson of Keysville, Va., who was wearing a “George Allen for Senate” sticker, but said she’s still uncertain about who she will support for president. But she said she was bothered that Biden “wouldn’t give Ryan his chance to speak hardly.”

Johnson’s daughter, Sandy Riepe from nearby Charlotte Court House, agreed.

“I just thought it was really embarrassing how much Biden was laughing every time Ryan was speaking,” Riepe said. “He shouldn’t have been laughing – they were serious issues they were discussing.”

Riepe said that she remains “open-minded” about her choice for president and plans to use the last two debates to make a final decision.