The head of an Ohio charity who criticized Mitt Romney's campaign for staging a "photo-op" at one of the group's soup kitchens has consistently voted in Democratic primaries. 

Brian J. Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, described himself as an independent voter when telling the Post that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan came into the soup kitchen without permission on Monday and "did nothing." But records from the Mahoning County Board of Elections show that he has voted in Democratic primaries since at least 1995. 

Ohio has semi-open primaries; your party affiliation is determined by which ballot you choose. You can change parties on the spot, or choose an issues-only ballot affiliated with neither party. 

"Everyone is trying to turn this into a Republican vs. Democrat issue and that is the farthest thing from our original concerns," Antal told the Post when asked late Monday about his primary voting record. "We cannot be associated with any party, and it has already cost us donations based upon the phone calls I have received this evening and that is from people on both sides of this."

Antal was not at the soup kitchen when Ryan visited; volunteers let the Wisconsin congressman into the facility. He told NBC News that he heard that Ryan washed clean dishes from one of the volunteers and now says the lawmaker did wash several dirty dishes.