The Web team at the Democratic National Committee is having some fun with Mitt Romney's campaign with the Web site  

The parody campaign site appears to link to the plan's details, but the "link" to them runs away when a user scrolls over it. Give it a try yourself here. According to Obama's digital director, it's working: 

(Romney's actual tax page is here.)

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan have declined to delve into the specifics of their tax plan, saying they want to leave room to negotiate the details with Congress. A Tax Policy Center study found that Romney cannot meet all of his tax reform goals without adding to the deficit. Other studies have suggested ways the plan could be modified to achieve Romney's aims.

The Obama campaign has labeled the plan a "$5 trillion tax cut," despite the fact that Romney has pledged to offset tax cuts by eliminating loopholes and deductions -- even if he won't explain exactly how.