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It would be interesting to know what vitamins President Obama took this time that he didn't use before the Denver debate -- certainly there was something different, didn't you think?

Romney showed the same poise and debating skills we saw in Denver, but against a much more formidable opponent, they didn't make such a strong impression, did they?

I thought Candy Crowley was terrific myself--my kind of no-nonsense reporter. What did you think? And what about the format? How would you compare the quality of Jim Lehrer's questions to those posed by the voters on Long Island? I've thought this format was superior since '92, which, my memory says, was the first time it was used.

Well, maybe I'm all wet -- this has been known to happen! But these were my first impressions. I'm more interested, however, in yours. Please join me tomorrow at noon Eastern time for a live chat on the debate. I hope to hear from lots of people with opinions about how the candidates did or did not score points, embarrass themselves or their opponent, whatever. Hope to have your participation in tomorrow's chat.

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