President Obama's campaign has dramatically increased its spin-room operation for the second debate, going from five campaign aides to a team of Democratic lawmakers and policy experts. 

After the first debate, Republican surrogates were everywhere while Democratic spinners were hard to find, making it even harder for Obama's supporters to spin his weak performance. 

“We know we lost the post-debate,” one campaign aide told BuzzFeed. At Hofstra University in Long Island on Tuesday night, Obama will have a much larger presence.

The Obama spin team: 

Senators: Dick Durbin (Ill.), Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and John Kerry (Mass.). House members: Karen Bass (Calif.), Xavier Becerra (Calif.), Chris Van Hollen (Md.), Nydia Velázquez (N.Y.) and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.). Governors: Martin O’Malley (Md.) and Deval Patrick (Mass.) and former governors Jennifer Granholm (Mich.) and Ted Strickland (Ohio). Mayors: Kasim Reed (Atlanta) and Antonio Villairagosa (Los Angeles). Outside advocates: Cecilia Rouse (Princeton economist, former member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers) and Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood Action Fund). Campaign staff: manager Jim Messina, DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard, spokesman Robert Gibbs, deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, and adviser David Plouffe. 

In addition, Vice President Biden will appear on ABC, CBS and NBC morning shows Wednesday morning. And former president Bill Clinton appeared in a pro-Obama web video Tuesday. 

But Mitt Romney still has a larger post-debate presence, outnumbering Obama's team 37 to 22. Romney's team: 

Advisers: Bay Buchanan, Barbara Comstock, Glenn Hubbard, Dan Senor, Russ Schriefer, Kevin Madden, Ron Kaufman, Ed Gillespie, Ben Ginsberg, Peter Flaherty, Eric Fehrnstrom, Stuart Stevens, Richard Williamson and Bob White and policy director Lanhee Chen. Reps.: Jason Chaffetz (Utah) and Peter King (N.Y.) and former Rep. Rick Lazio (N.Y.) . Governors: Bobby Jindal (La.) and Bob McDonnell (Va.), former governors George Pataki (N.Y.), Tom Ridge (Pa.), and John Sununu (N.H.). Former Massachusetts lieutenant governor Kerry Healey. Senators: Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Rob Portman (Ohio) and former senator Jim Talent (Mo.) Spokespeople: Amanda Henneberg, Rick Gorka, Sarah Pompei, Andrea Saul, Tara Wall and Ryan Williams. Former ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich and former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and RNC spokesman Sean Spicer.