In the words of comedian Dennis Miller, who journeyed across Virginia introducing Mitt Romney at rallies Wednesday, the Republican presidential nominee behind the scenes is a nice guy who likes saying the word “gosh” and “gets off on fixing things.”
“There’s an inner decency about this cat, an eminent trustability that I like about him,” Miller told a boisterous crowd of 8,000 in Leesburg Thursday night. “I spent the day with him. I can tell you he’s about as nice a cat behind the scenes as you could hope him to be.”
Miller poked some fun at the earnest candidate, adding, “You do hear the word ‘gosh’ come out of his pie hole once in a while. And you know what? I’ve had the hipster president. How’s about the gosh president? Isn’t it time we get back to the gosh president?”

Miller’s remarks were all in good humor, of course. He coupled his observations about Romney with cutting jabs about the Democratic ticket. He said voting for President Obama was like taking an Ambien and waking up outside naked. And he likened Vice President Biden to a cup of “old and bitter” coffee.
But Miller was also deployed to help fill in a broader, warmer portrait of Romney the Man, describing him as a charitable servant of his church and his community. Miller argued that Romney appears presidential not because of his physical looks, but because of the way he has lived his life.
“This guy has spent his whole life fixing things,” Miller said. “He digs it. And he’s one of those guys who doesn’t feel the need to fix it and then stand there and bask in the credit. The credit is inside with him. He likes making it happen.”