Ann Romney and the hosts of the "The View." Photo taken by Josh Romney, who also appeared.

Appearing on ABC's "The View" on Thursday, Ann Romney said that should he lose, this campaign would be her husband's last.

"Absolutely, he will not run again," she told the hosts when asked whether losing to President Obama this fall would end Mitt Romney's political career. "Nor will I." 

Romney also said that she no longer watches television — in part because she's too busy campaigning, but also because she doesn't want to see any campaign ads. "I just opted to stay in a good place, a happy place, a positive place," she said. "I don't want to get myself upset." 

Jason Horowitz wrote today about Mitt Romney's political path, from his 1994 Senate campaign to today. After his defeat in the 2008 primary, Romney did not want to run again. 

“We had to convince him hard to run, my mom and I,” son Tagg Romney said. “I know some people don’t believe us." 

But Ann Romney also taped a video after the 2008 campaign telling her husband, "I’m never doing this again.” He responded, “You know, Ann, you say that after every pregnancy.”

Both Ann and Mitt Romney were originally scheduled to appear on "The View" today, but the candidate dropped out earlier this week, citing scheduling conflicts.