Jason Horowitz looks at the parallels between Mitt Romney's 1994 Senate campaign and his 2012 presidential bid. 

“Dad says, first you go into business and you make a lot of money, you give the church half of it, and then you go into public service,” Romney said, according to his Bain colleague and Marriott roommate Patrick Graham. “And then you become president of the United States.”

[...] Campaign aides at the time said the elder Romney sometimes seemed to appear out of thin air. He would fly in alone from Detroit, take the shuttle to the subway, ride the Red Line out to the last stop, Alewife Station, and then wheel his suitcase behind him for a 45-minute walk along the expressway, over an overpass, beside the Cambridge reservoir and through an office park where, at the end of the road, he would climb three flights of stairs up to campaign headquarters at 68 Moulton St.

“Oh, Dad, you’re here,” Romney would say.

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