GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Friday that he was expecting Vice President Biden to interrupt him at last week’s debate, but he wasn’t prepared for other parts of the vice president’s performance, including his frequent laughing and smiling while Ryan was speaking. 

“I expected the interruptions. I guess I can’t say I expected the other stuff you mentioned,” Ryan told conservative radio host Charlie Sykes in an interview Friday morning. He added: “Look, they had a bad first debate, so I knew he’d be coming at me. ... I think if two guys just start getting in an interruption shouting match, that doesn’t do anybody any good.”

He told Sykes that he thought it was “important to be respectful of one another’s time” and said of Biden’s frequent interruptions: “It’s not our manners, where we come from.”

“I was not going to try and follow suit with that kind of demeanor. ... I wasn’t going to try and let that get under my skin and try and follow suit with that, I guess I’d say, demeanor. I wanted to make my case,” he said.

Asked about President Obama’s appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday night, Ryan said he read the transcript but hadn’t seen the show. He argued that with regard to the administration’s response to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that “a month later, we still have more questions than answers,” contending that the White House has been “inconsistent” and “misleading” on the issue.

“These deaths in Libya were a tragedy,” he said. “I’m sure that the president mourns those deaths. The problem is their story continues to shift. They refuse to answer the basic questions about what happened.”