If Saturday night was Mitt Romney's final fundraiser of the election, as his campaign says it was, he went out on a high note.

At least that's what Wilbur Ross, the billionaire investor last seen mingling under a flapping Cayman Island flag in Tampa, said of the event he hosted here Saturday evening in Palm Beach.

Friday night GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (Wis.) appeared at a fundraising event at a country club around Boca Raton, where speakers included Marc Leder, best known for throwing the Boca event where Romney, surreptitiously filmed, explained his views of the 47 percent of Americans that he says won't be voting for him. (He called then "victims," and later apologized.)

Despite it being what Ross called the "off season," he described Saturday evening's fundraiser as having "extraordinary turnout, including a number of Latin Americans."

Here is the note he sent me after the event.

"I believe Mitt will carry Florida. We had an extraordinary turnout, including a number of Latin Americans, resident in Florida, who wrote big checks because they believe that the real issue is the economy and that Romney is the one who can fix it. Some of them had supported Obama last time. It is clear that Romney has the momentum. Even though it is off season in Palm Beach we constantly had to add tables as new contributors flew in from all over the country to supplement the Florida contingent. We were thrilled with the show of support."