A national George Washington University/Politico poll taken last week has Mitt Romney at 49 percent and President Obama at 47 percent among likely voters.

A week earlier, Obama edged out Romney at 49 percent to 48 percent. It's a three-point swing, but within the 3.1 point margin of error. In 10 battleground states, Romney also has the edge, 50 to 48 percent. 

Going into Monday night's foreign policy debate, voters think Obama will handle the issue better, 51 to 42 percent. But Romney is considered a better pick to tackle the economy by a 51 to 45 percent margin, and jobs by a 50 to 46 percent margin.    

And a new Quinnipiac/CBS poll shows Obama's lead in Ohio shrinking. He now leads Romney 50 to 45 percent in the state; in late September he led 53 to 43 percent in the same poll. 

An NBC/WSJ poll released Sunday has the race tied; the Fix dug into the poll for eight takeaways.