Vice President Biden, who has been the Obama camp's most aggressive attacker throughout this campaign cycle, has fresh criticism for Mitt Romney following the final presidential debate.

"They've gone from rattling the saber to, you know, being doves carrying, you know, peace -- I don't know what they stand for," Biden said on CBS 'This Morning' the day after the debate. "It’s clear [Romney] is not, he is not ready to be the commander-in-chief of the United States military. He demonstrated a lack of sophistication about what's going on around the world. His rapid change in his positions. Look, being president requires a clear vision and a steady hand. That's exactly what President Obama demonstrated ... And it's exactly what Governor Romney demonstrated was lacking."

On Good Morning America, Romney's running mate Paul Ryan argued that his team had won the debate "because Americans for a third time now have got to see a man ready to become a great president."

"What they got from Mitt Romney -- clear answers, a clear vision for foreign policy, very clear distinctions and how we should go forward with this country.  What we got from President Obama were mostly attacks on Mitt Romney, that’s not an agenda," Ryan said. "And we really actually didn't get an agenda for how we should move our country forward on foreign policy.  We got sort of a defensive, he tried to defend his record, it is a bad record.  Turn on your TV and you can see that the Obama foreign policy is unraveling before us. Iran is closer to nuclear weapon, Syria is slaughtering their people.  The Arab Spring is quickly becoming an Islamist winter in some countries and we look weaker across the world.” 

Biden, who has held more than 100 campaign events this year, is campaigning in Ohio Tuesday and will hold a rally Saturday in Virginia along with his wife, Jill Biden, and son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. Ryan, who has also been a prolific campaigner, will hold rallies with Romney in Nevada and Colorado Tuesday.