CHICAGO -- President Obama and Mitt Romney have spent months drawing distinctions between each other, but Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein saw two candidates who bore a strong resemblance to one another at Monday night’s debate.

“It wasn’t much of a debate, because of the two of them and how they really come very close to one another,” Stein said in an interview ahead of her own debate here Tuesday night against three other third-party long-shots. There isn't much space between the two major party candidates on national security and environmental issues, she argued.

Stein, who was arrested outside last week’s debate at Hofstra University in New York after being denied entrance, said she’s looking forward Tuesday’s debate because “every opportunity to get the word out is unbelievably exciting.”

The Massachusetts physician ran for governor of the Bay State against Romney in 2002. He was a guarded and inaccessible contender 10 years prior, recalled Stein.

“He was pretty much surrounded by his crew, so not a guy that ordinary mortals have the privilege of interacting with,” she said.