Bob Armstrong, mayor of Defiance, Ohio -- which we wrote about Monday -- tells us that town officials have been informed that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pay a visit later this week.

The campaign has not announced travel to Defiance and it's worth remembering that campaign travel at this stage in the game can be very fluid.
But a Defiance visit would not be surprising -- John McCain also visited just before the 2008 vote.

Defiance, with a small town with a big GM plant, is a town Democrats would argue was saved by the auto bailout that President Obama supported. But it's a place that could help save Romney, if he can improve on McCain's margin over Obama in the very Republican area.

Though he lost Defiance badly, Obama did better there than did John Kerry in 2004, and his goal in Defiance and other GOP strongholds will be to not allow his 2008 performance to erode too badly.