Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney's campaign, is launching a major $17.7 million ad buy this week. 

The breakdown: $1.2 million in Colorado, $4 million in Florida, $1.2 million in Iowa, $1.6 million in Michigan, $1.6 million in Nevada, $530,000 in New Hampshire, $1.8 million in North Carolina, $3 million in Ohio, $2.9 million in Virginia and $1.3 million in Wisconsin.

The buy is for three ads -- "Better" and "The New Normal," which attack Obama on the economy, plus "Genuinely Cares," a softer spot highlighting Romney's work with injured veterans. 

Restore Our Future is the second biggest outside spender this cycle after the Karl Rove-linked Crossroads groups, but its advertising has dropped off since its August peak. The new buy is a sign that in the final weeks, Restore Our Future will be one of the major players.