DAVENPORT, Iowa -- On the bus to the airport here, President Obama's chief strategist, David Plouffe, was exuding confidence about the president’s position in battleground states. When asked whether he thinks Mitt Romney's campaign is bluffing about the candidate's strength right now to try to build momentum in those states, Plouffe said:

“I don’t know what their data shows. My sense is their schedule would suggest they are very concerned about Ohio. In terms of the narrative that they are trying to develop through all of you, that Florida and Virginia are moving in their direction, their spending and travel schedule certainly doesn't reflect that. If they feel so good about Florida, then pull out. But I think they have tried to take advantage of some of these national polls.“

Romney has gained in both national and battleground polls recently, although many of these shifts are within the polls' margins of error. 

Plouffe then talked about how confident he was that Obama had strong support in Ohio and other key swing states, punctuating his sentences with smiles. 

On the Romney campaign: “I believe they are overstating their electoral college situation, whether that is consistent with their data and their data’s flawed, I don’t know," he said. "But my sense is given how much time they are spending in Ohio, they say they want to spend a lot of time here [in Iowa], they are spending historic amounts of money in Florida and Virginia -- as are their super PACs -- that you know, if they felt good about Florida and Virginia I think you’d begin to see them curtail them.”