RENO, Nev. – Mitt Romney plans on Friday to deliver a major address in Ames, Iowa on the economy that he hopes will help crystallize the choice voters face in the presidential election.

With voters in Iowa and other states already casting ballots, Romney will give what amounts to a closing argument. The speech, an adviser said, would reinforce “the big choice in November.”

Romney has begun making his closing pitch this week at big rallies in battleground states, telling voters, as he did Tuesday night in Colorado, that he has a plan to turn around the economy and that Americans don’t have to settle for a continuation of President Obama’s policies.

“We can do better. We don’t have to settle for what we've seen over the last four years. Americans are tired of being tired. We can do better,” Romney said at a rally at the spectacular Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colo., just outside of Denver.

Romney delivers his stump speeches off the cuff, with no teleprompter and usually only a few notes, but an adviser said his remarks Friday in Ames will be written in advance.