Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton answers a reporter's question on Libya, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. (Susan Walsh -- Associated Press)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she will serve only one term. But in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, she suggested it was possible -- if "unlikely" -- that she would stay in the post a bit longer. 

"A lot of people have talked to me about staying," Mrs. Clinton said, declining to be more specific. When asked if current events will force her departure date to slip, she said it was "unlikely," but for the first time left open that possibility for the short term.

One of the most popular and respected members of the Obama administration, Clinton faces the possibility that her legacy will be marred by the attacks in Benghazi and questions about diplomatic security. She has taken full responsibility for any security lapses and defended the administration's sometimes confusing accounts of what happened, saying, "Everyone who spoke tried to give the information they had."

Update: Clinton told the Post she's aiming to leave shortly after inauguration. 

“I’m not really open to staying longer, but I also know that we have to be conscious of the work that has to be done,” she said. “And again, I’ll have to talk to the president.”