In a web video released by the Obama campaign, Lena Dunham advises young women to make sure their first time is special ... by voting for Barack Obama. 

"My first time voting was amazing. It was this line in the sand -- first I was a girl, now I was a woman," she says. "I voted for Barack Obama." (As Slate points out, Dunham was old enough in 2004 to vote for John Kerry, but apparently she decided it was better to wait.) 

Somewhat more seriously, the creator of HBO's "Girls" cites health care and birth control coverage, pulling the troops out of Iraq, the Lily Ledbetter Act, and gay marriage as reasons to choose Obama. 

Conservative bloggers have expressed disgust at the tongue-in-cheek video, arguing that it's another sign that Democrats see women as caring only about sex. But the video is clearly aimed only at college kids -- and even more specifically, college kids who watch (or at least know about) Dunham's equally controversial show. The campaign isn't paying for this clip to appear on television. 

And edgy jokes comparing voting to sex are not new. It was Ronald Reagan who in 1980 said this: “I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time, because I used to be a Democrat myself, and I can tell you it only hurts for a minute and then it feels just great.”