ORLANDO -- A monster storm has paralyzed half the country, but campaign spin continues uninterrupted.

President Obama's campaign schedule this week has been obliterated by Hurricane Sandy, but his top strategists on Monday pressed forward with a storyline that victory over Mitt Romney remains in reach -- and in fact, is inevitable.

The president's team has “data and facts on our side, versus spin and wishful thinking on theirs,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina boasted on a conference call with reporters. “What the facts and numbers clearly show is that the president is going to win this elecition.”

Despite many indicators that the race has tightened in recent weeks, Messina insisted that the tangible measures of voter enthusiasm -- voter registration, early voting, public polling -- show that "what we have been building for the past 18 months is working, and it’s paying off.”

He and campaign strategist David Axelrod insisted that a pro-Romney super PAC's announcement of a $2.1 million ad buy in Pennsylvania is a bluff, not a sign that an opportunity is opening up for the GOP candidate in that Democratic-leaning state. 

Axelrod said the Romney effort is "trying to figure out how to put this thing together ... This isn’t a sign on strength on their part. This is a sign of weakness."

Romney's campaign is also continuing to spin, sending out a memo highlighting a recent poll showing a tied race in Ohio.

"Every day, Barack Obama’s so-called Ohio firewall crumbles a little bit more because of Mitt Romney’s electric appearances, our campaign’s robust ground game, and Romney’s forward-looking message that lays out a serious and specific agenda for the future," the memo reads.