New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), generally a harsh critic of President Obama, has nothing but praise for the White House response to Hurricane Sandy. 

“The federal government’s response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the President, personally, he has expedited the designation of New Jersey as a major disaster area,” Christie, a top surrogate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said on NBC’s “Today.”

He added, "The President has been outstanding in this and so have the folks at FEMA." 

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Christie was equally laudatory, saying “the President has been all over this and he deserves great credit.” Obama, he said, "told me to call him if I needed anything and he absolutely means it, and it's been very good working with the President and his administration."

And on Fox News' "Fox and Friends," asked if Romney would visit New Jersey, Christie replied, “I have a job to do. If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me.”

Overnight, the President provided major disaster declarations for New Jersey and New York.