Will Hurricane Sandy dampen early voting in Ohio?

Not if Franklin County, home to Columbus, is any indication.

The Franklin County Board of Elections reports that 4,432 people voted Monday on a nasty rainy day at the county's early voting center in a vacated department store, making it the busiest day yet for early voting.

That exceeded the 4,228 people who voted on Oct. 9, the last day to register in Ohio, when the polling place remained open until 9 p.m., two hours later than Monday.

It's unclear if voters were getting their civic duty out of the way in anticipation of the weather worsening, and it's possible early voting will drop off Tuesday. The weather in the Columbus area has been windy, rainy and cold, worsening overnight into Tuesday, though it is nothing like the dangerous weather on the East Coast.

The weather in Cuyahoga County to the east, which includes Cleveland, has been worse. Cleveland has been hit by more than 100,000 power outages. No word yet on the city's early vote tallies.

Still, the high vote tally in Columbus on Monday is good news for Democrats, who hold a strong majority in Franklin County and have been heavily pushing early voting in Ohio.