A new ad from Rep. Todd Akin's Senate campaign features a woman who says she was raped and has had an abortion. 

"I'm a single mother — a woman who's had an abortion," says the Akin supporter, named Kelly Burrell. "I've been raped in my past. "The reason I'm voting for Todd, and that I'm so proud of him, is because he defends the unborn, he's a kind man."

In a video posted on Akin's website, Burrell elaborates, saying she regrets her abortion. "Todd is advocating for women so that women don't have to do what I've had to do, and that's grieve every year," she says. It's not clear whether her pregnancy was the result of rape. 

The one-minute ad also features a woman named Zoya, who says she's known Akin's family after being adopted from Russia at age 12. "Todd Akin knows what government's job is, that is, to protect life, not to control life like they did in Russia," she says. "I don't want to lose my freedoms." 

The Fix considers this race "Lean Democratic." CNN notes that the funding behind Akin's recent ads is a mystery. Akin and his supporters are spending $1.75 million on statewide ads this week, coming to close to matching the $2 million spent for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) during the same period.