Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) has again attacked GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, accusing him Friday of living a "fantasy" by claiming that he would be a bipartisan president.

Continuing his self-appointed role as the most vociferous Democratic attack dog on Romney, Reid issued a statement that bashed every aspect of his public career.

"Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable,” Reid wrote, adding for good measure that as governor, Romney "had a terrible relationship with Democrats" and as a candidate is more concerned with "pleasing the far right" than bipartisanship. 

Considering Democrats are now heavily favored to retain the Senate majority, the Reid-Romney relationship in a Romney administration would be the single most fascinating power play in Washington, should he defeat President Obama Tuesday.

In recent days, Romney has emphasized his ability to work with both Democrats and Republicans. “I will reach out to both sides of the aisle," Romney said Friday. "I will bring people together, doing big things for the common good."

Romney did work with Democrats in Massachusetts to pass the state's universal health-care legislation. However, on other issues his record was more one of confrontation than cooperation.