Twitter released its new Political Engagement Map on Thursday, which lets users see which of the presidential candidates tweets on policy issues are getting the highest engagement (meaning retweets and favorites).

The map is sortable by state, candidate and keyword, so there are lots of ways to explore the data. Here are some takeaways:

Colorado is the outsider: This was the @BarackObama tweet that got the highest engagement across the country and in most swing states.


Colorado was the swing state exception, where this tweet got the most engagement: 


This is the @MittRomney tweet that got the most engagement across the U.S. and in all but one swing state: 


Again, Colorado was the exception. This was his top tweet there:

Swing states: Here's a chart of the topics that most engaged tweeters in key swing states:

  Obama Romney
Colorado Taxes Terrorism
Florida Terrorism Education
Iowa Energy and environment Health care
Nevada Taxes Education
Ohio Gay rights Economy
Virginia Taxes Retirement
Wisconsin Retirement Retirement

Note: Twitter engagement in New Hampshire is very low overall so data from tweets there were not included in the map.  

Where the candidates are engaging supporters:  Though the map does not show engagement by state outside specific tweets, a look at the top 20 tweets by Romney shows tweeters in Utah, Arkansas and Kansas were frequently among the "highly engaged."

Tweeters in Wyoming, Oregon and Nevada were often among the "highly engaged" on Obama's top tweets.

Check out the map here and tell us if you find any interesting tidbits from it in the comments. 

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