(Philip Rucker/The Washington Post via Instagram)

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – After weeks of campaigning on her own, Ann Romney is joining her husband for the campaign's final three-day swing, as are a full roster of Romney intimates who are usually hunkered down at campaign headquarters in Boston.

Romney's close friend, Bob White, came along for the ride from Portsmouth to Dubuque, Iowa, as did senior adviser Beth Myers, who ran his vice presidential search; former Utah governor Mike Leavitt, who is running his transition planning; and senior strategist Russ Schriefer, senior adviser Peter Flaherty and senior adviser Ron Kaufman.

The potential first lady was in high spirits as she ventured to the back of the Romney campaign plane Saturday morning bearing a box of pumpkin whoopie pie – which, unfortunately for the travel-weary members of the traveling press, was sugar-free.

"I've missed you guys," Ann Romney said as she handed out the treats.

"How are you feeling about Election Day?" one reporter asked her.

"Good! I mean, you all know I think we're going to win," she responded.

Another reporter asked her how it felt to be just three days away from Election Day.

"It's been a long road. ... It's really humbling," she said. "It's very touching for me. It was very emotional when I gave my last sort of address by myself, because I hear the voices and the passion of the people out there that are really hurting, and they are etched in my mind and my heart, as they are with Mitt. There are some people out there that are really, really hurting."

She added that she expects to run into a few of those people later Saturday as the campaign makes its way from New Hampshire to Iowa and Colorado.

Asked how her husband is feeling three days out from Election Day, she declined to say, deflecting the question by reminding reporters, "It's pumpkin whoopie time!"

She offered a brief reflection, however, on what she said was one of her favorite moments of the campaign – throwing a touchdown pass during a game of flag football with members of the traveling press.

"Who taught me how to throw a spiral?" she said in response to a reporter's query. "Not Mitt. It would've been one of the boys, probably Tagg, who taught me how to throw a spiral." 

Mitt Romney started his final campaign weekend in Portsmouth, N.H. with Ann by his side.